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Sunday, 23 October 2016

"CGI" Fresher Hiring For Software Engineer @ in Bangalore

"CGI" Fresher Hiring For Software Engineer @  in Bangalore


Job role: Software Engineer

Company Name
Job role
Software Engineer
Any Graduate

Job Description:

Requirement Gathering & Analysis:
  • Understand business and technical requirement documents (Enhancement requests, SRS / BRD
  • etc); Interact with clients / BA to clarify requirements if any; Provide inputs/ suggestions if any in
  • order to validate the technology stack identified by the architects.
  • High Level Design (HLD)
  • Based on the technology stack identified, identify data sources, external interfaces, required
  • outputs etc; Document high level business flow from the details gathered; Prepare the Design
  • document; Update HLD based on review comments in order to lay the ground-work for developing the solution.


  • Develop core reusable components as per project requirements; Adhere to internal quality norms /
  • standards; Check-in compilable code into the repository; Send code for peer reviews; Fix code
  • review defects; Provide clarifications / support to Developers and Sr.Developers on specific
  • technology related queries in order to improve productivity and ensure quality.

SIT/SFT Support:

  • Understand the defects / change requests raised during SIT/SFT; Analyse the root-cause of
  • defects; Incorporate changes into the design documents; Seek approval for design changes
  • resulting from change request in order to confirm that the application meets user expectations and ready for deployment.

Very High Level Estimate (VHLE):

  • Based on the technical stack and the project requirements, prepare VHLE (using estimation tools /
  • guidelines) including elements such as estimation break up for various SDLC stages, assumptions,
  • risks and the approach document; Review the document with the Manager; Update document
  • based on review comments in order to enable the client to give a 'go' or 'no go' for the project.

Requirement, Design Coding, Testing Review:

  • Conduct reviews / second-level checks of various technical documents / code across the different
  • stages of the software development lifecycle (requirements gathering, high-level & low-level
  • design, coding, testing etc) based on best practices and performance requirements in order to verify completeness, accuracy and compliance to internal standards.

People Management:

  • Conduct technical interviews; Provide assessment on candidate capability; Shortlist candidates for
  • subsequent interviews; Coach and guide developers in improving technical capabilities and
  • developing overall skills; Conduct technical trainings in order to build team capabilities 8. Process


  • Identify best practices; Analyse, design, code and test productivity enhancement tools; Implement
  • such tools and practices; Provide inputs for design and coding standards; Prepare design and
  • coding checklists; Define/Refine the estimation templates in order to improve productivity and quality of projects.

Essential Skills:

  • Java/J2EE 6.
  • WLI/WLS 4.
  • Oracle 10g - SQL.
  • UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • MQ 1.


  • Communication (Oral/Written).
  • Java.
  • Java Enterprise Editions JEE.
  • WLI.

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