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Saturday, 26 November 2016

“KPMG” hiring for Resource Coordinator @ in Delhi

“KPMG” hiring for Resource Coordinator @ in Delhi


Job role: Resource Coordinator

Company Name
Resource Coordinator
2+ Years
Resource Coordinator

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Managing Resource booking tool: Ensuring that all staff are booked on the resource booking tool and book staff who are available on needs on the tool.
  •  Managing leaves on Resource booking tool: Ensuring approved leaves are blocked on the tool and the bookings are transferred to other staff from same office.
  •  Communicating with onshore resource coordinators from each offices to check important needs.
  •  Managing adhoc mailboxes of all offices and then coordinating with team leaders to find availability and then booking staff accordingly.
  •  Interacting with staff/TL on regular basis to get a real picture of availability/excess workload and then allocating/re-allocating work internally across offices.
  •  Interacting with onshore engagement team to understand work type and estimate time/expertise required to complete the task and then find staff accordingly.
  •  Prepare and submit reports on staffing operations.
  •  Oversee all staffing needs and operations of the team.

Qualifications and Skills:g
  • 2+ years of experience in resource management for audit team.
  •  Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills.
  •  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  •  Good organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills.
  •  Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • 6. B.Sc./B.A. in human resources, business administration or relevant field.

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